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About a girl... 

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Hi I'm Emma

Born and raised in Devon, I moved away at 20 to join the RAF. After years of having an amazing time, getting paid to do a lot of sport (!), and meeting the best people known to man, I left and moved to Hertfordshire on my next adventure. 6 years later, Devon was calling, and I returned ‘home’ for what I like to call stage 3 of my life (sensible grown up stuff like a career, a house and commuting for work) …


After turning 40, and having a midlife crisis, I’m in stage 4… here after known as ‘Vanlife’!


I live in converted (although never truely finished) VW Crafter LWB ex DHL van, called Buttercup, with my partner George. I’ve been full time since 2019 residing in sunny Devon, and after an epic Scottish adventure, George moved in in 2022.


The ultimate dream is to get on the road full time and to cram in as many adventures and see as much of the world as possible from the comfort of my home on wheels.


My passions are art, writing, movies, cycling, picnics with friends, drinking fizz and generally anything to do with the outdoors…In the summer I can be found at the beach, swimming, building sandcastles, surfing, paddle boarding and drinking beer; or in the hills camping, hiking, mountain biking and wild swimming. In the winter, I’m ideally waist deep in snow trying to figure out the best way to get down the hill on my board!


Life is for living and I’ve spent too long living to society’s expectations… it’s time to break free my friends and make every day count. As a wise person once said, ‘adventure is out there’…


Finally, my favourite saying is, ‘follow me’… so come on, follow me.

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Meet Oliver & Spike

It was really hard to say goodbye to my adventure companions earlier this year, so for now please feel free to get to know my friends who feature in so many of my tales...


These cheeky Blue Roan Cocker Spaniels just love to have fun. Despite getting on in age, they love nothing more then going on adventures and snuggling up in the van at night.

Oliver joined me on my adventures back in 2010 as a cute cuddly puppy, and soon become the office health and safety dog; ensuring everyone got up from their desks at regular intervals to give him love!  Ollie's favourite things are eating (anything - the smellier and more disgusting the better), splashing around in the water retrieving sticks and balls but not getting his head wet, rolling in the lush grass and getting under the duvet to snore in your ear at night.

Spike was adopted in to the family a few years ago and fitted straight in, learning all about wild camping, long muddy walks and snuggle time on the sofa. Spike loves to explore and not come back when called, eat dead stuff and dive under the water to rescue stones but definitely not get his bum wet. Like Oliver, Spike is super loving and will always give you sloppy kisses after eating something disgusting.  


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